What's New

Ecamm Live Version 3.8 Has Arrived

We’ve been hard at work enhancing and updating Ecamm Live to make it the best live video streaming software around, and we’re excited to share our latest update with you.

As always, if you have Ecamm Live already, you can just use the Check For Updates menu item in the app to update to the latest version.

Try Ecamm Live completely risk free today for 14 days. No credit card required.

Now Apple Silicon Native

Ecamm Live is the first streaming app to run native on Apple Silicon (M1) Macs!

You heard correctly. Ecamm Live now runs native on Apple Silicon Mac computers. That means it runs faster and smoother on your new M1 Mac. We’ve got you covered so that you can create the best live broadcasts, recorded videos, and video presentations. Let’s do this!

Preview Mode is Here - Make changes while live (and no one will be the wiser).

Need to make a change while you’re live? No problem. Our new Preview Mode gives you full control to make any changes you need while you’re live without your audience seeing a thing. Make changes without any stress and push them live when you’re ready. Remote producers rejoice!

Supercharged Widgets - you can now add Stream Elements, WebM videos, and more!

Widgets allow you to bring interactivity to your broadcast. Bring your broadcast to life with animated tip jars, comment widgets, superchat animations, and more. With version 3.8, we render widgets using Chromium instead of WebKit, which means that you’ll see increased performance and full support for WebM, WebGL, and CSS animations.

Widget Overlays require an Ecamm Live Pro subscription.

Stream Directly to LinkedIn

Simply choose LinkedIn Live as your destination in Ecamm, and you’ll be ready to broadcast your content out to LinkedIn at the push of a button. Reach new audiences and grow your business with the power of LinkedIn Live.

Please note you need to have LinkedIn Live access in order to leverage this new feature.

Off-Air Audio allows you to talk with your guests “behind the show.”

With Interview Off-Air Audio you can chat with your guests while videos are rolling or your countdown is ticking away. Ask questions, share updates, and make sure everything is running smoothly without your conversation being heard by your viewers.

Interview Mode requires an Ecamm Live Pro subscription.

Enhanced Comments Window

Busy broadcast? Lots of questions and comments? No problem. With comment favoriting and search, you can mark comments as favorites you want to go back to later, or quickly filter your comment history. Now you’ll be able to engage with your audience without worrying about missing anything important.

Lots more!

  • Adds an option to hide the user interface controls in the main window by holding down the fn key, or picking Hide Main Window Controls from the Window menu.
  • Adds the ability to nudge an overlay's position using the arrow keys.
  • Adds the ability to ban YouTube commenters.
  • Adds customizable hot keys for Scene switching.
  • Adds a checkbox in Camera Effects for Black & White mode.
  • Adds a Blue Screen option to the Camera Effects window.
  • Adds 30-second skip buttons for movie playback.
  • Adds support for playing WebM movies as animated overlays.
  • Adds text overlay background corner radius and margin settings to the overlay editing sheet.
  • Adds the ability to create an image overlay by dragging from apps such as Keynote.
  • Adds Next Overlay and Previous Overlay menu items for cycling through a series of overlays.
  • Adds an option in the Overlays window to add background overlay images and videos.
  • Adds the ability to resize an overlay by dragging from any corner.
  • Adds the ability to drag an image overlay, camera overlay or animated overlay beyond the edge of the window.
  • Adds options to indicate the fly-in direction for text overlays.
  • Adds a vertical snap to center when dragging overlays.
  • Adds a checkbox in preferences for Picture-in-Picture visibility in new Scenes.
  • Improvements to screen sharing mode to reduce latency and fix a flicker issue.
  • Improvements to the ISO audio feature to be more efficient.
  • Try Ecamm Live completely risk free today for 14 days. No credit card required.