Ecamm Live Pro

Ecamm Live Pro: Take Your Production To The Next Level

Ecamm Live Pro includes everything within our Standard plan, plus these exclusive features:

Virtual Webcam

Ecamm Live’s virtual webcam lets you send the output of Ecamm Live to other apps on your Mac, simply by selecting it as your camera. Bring all of the functionality and features of Ecamm Live into other Mac applications like chat apps, browser-based tools (example:, and webinar apps (example: Zoom).

With Virtual Webcam, you’ll have access to all of your Ecamm Live features like overlays, multi-camera layouts, and green screen effects. You can even use Virtual Webcam in Skype to allow your guests to see the broadcast in real-time!

Live Audio and Video Monitoring

Keep track of your livestream easily with our live video and audio monitoring features, which allow you to see your broadcast in real-time on a second display connected to your Mac and check your audio to ensure everything is running smoothly. You can use these features to do things like double check video quality, test sound quality, and ensure the broadcast is looking and sounding perfect without needing to grab your phone or another computer.

Video monitoring is also helpful when you have more than one team member in the room. Team members (or interviewees) can keep an eye on who is on screen and what’s being displayed to the viewers at any time. Monitoring even works with a display connected wirelessly via an Apple TV!

Automatic Facebook Live Crossposting

Amplify your reach with our Facebook Live Crossposting feature, which allows you to automatically broadcast your livestream video on your Page and other Pages simultaneously from within Ecamm Live. This is a great feature for leveraging partnerships. Do you work with other businesses or brands? You can broadcast live on their Page and your Page and be able to reach twice the audience with one broadcast! Both Facebook Pages will appear to have the same live video running without the need to share or repost.

Before you get started with using this feature, you’ll need to create a crossposting relationship with the other Page.

It’s important to note that each live crosspost is treated as a separate broadcast on each Page. Comments and reactions from your Page's broadcast will not appear in another Page's crossposted broadcast. Viewers cannot see where the original Live broadcast is coming from.

And more:

  • 4K Streaming: Stream and record in crystal-clear 4K resolution. Details
  • Streamlabs Widgets: Easily add web widget overlays to your live stream.
  • Newtek NDI® Outputs: Use any NDI-capable display as a broadcast monitor.
  • Real Time Bandwidth Stats: Keep tabs on your stream's network performance.
  • VIP Tech Support: Priority queuing when contacting us for help.