Ecamm Live and Switchboard Cloud

Ecamm Live features native integration with Switchboard Cloud. Pick Switchboard as your streaming destination in Ecamm Live's destination menu and you'll be prompted to connect the two services.

That's it! You'll immediately see your Switchboard Cloud workflows listed in Ecamm, and you're ready for your first multi-stream broadcast.

Benefits of multistreaming with Switchboard Cloud:

  1. No copy/paste of stream keys, you can login with your Switchboard Cloud credentials to easily configure your Ecamm Live app
  2. Reach different audiences on different platforms through multistreaming
  3. Multistreaming makes it easy to see how your live content is being received on multiple platforms
  4. Full control of turning destinations on/off individually or as a group
  5. The ability to have a different stream name and description on a per destination basis; best way to really tailor the content to the each streaming channel
  6. Rely on the archive feature of the platform to reduce the time of having to upload your archives to each platform individually.   

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