Ecamm Live Beta

Ecamm Live Beta

We'd love your help testing out our newest features and fixes that are not yet available in the platform-wide version of Ecamm Live. If you want to be a beta tester simply download the beta below!

Once you've downloaded the beta, please test, test, test all of the newest features and fixes and let us know how things are working (or not working) for you. We also have a great beta test community on our Beta Facebook Group and a beta channel in our Ecamm Discord.

New in v4.0 Beta 3

  • Creating and scheduling a live video has been redesigned:
    • Broadcasts are now created in the Create New Broadcast window.
    • Multi-streaming and scheduling to up to 10 destinations is now supported. (Pro only.)
    • A new list of all scheduled broadcasts includes the broadcast title, thumbnail, and platforms options.
    • Destinations are managed in the new Destinations section of the app preferences.
    • Multiple RTMP stream key destinations can now be added.
  • Adds a built-in internet speed test to the Stream section of the app preferences. (Requires macOS 12 Monterey or newer.)
  • Adds a mode menu to the main window with switches for Recording and Virtual Camera.
  • Adds support for scheduling LinkedIn broadcasts.
  • Adds an option to create chapter markers to the Recording menu. (Saved as a text file.)
  • Adds digital blur and sepia tone effects to the Camera Options section of the Camera Effects window.
  • Adds support for sending video to Blackmagic DeckLink devices with video output.
  • Interview mode now supports 1080p video resolution for guests.
  • Record-only mode will now begin after a 3-second countdown.
  • Record-only mode will now record using a higher video bitrate.
  • Camera overlays assigned to a placeholder Interview guest will no longer show a silhouette image.
  • Camera overlays assigned to a missing camera will now display a message to select a camera.
  • Adds a new Remote Control section to the app preferences to manage which third-party apps can control Ecamm Live.
  • An option to mirror the Video Monitor feature has been added to the Video Monitor section of the Outputs menu.
  • Countdown overlays now include an option to count down to a time on the current day.
  • Adds a calendar picker to the countdown overlay settings.
  • Comments in the Comments & Reactions window can now be dragged to other apps (as text), or dragged into the Guest Chat window.
  • Comments deleted by moderators during a YouTube or Twitch broadcast will now show as deleted in Ecamm Live’s Comments & Reactions window and the Interview guest comment pane.
  • Adds a new button in the main window to hide the main window controls.
  • Pressing the fn key will now bring the main window controls back.
  • New widget overlays will now default to 720p30.
  • Includes a new version of the Ecamm Live Elgato Stream Deck plugin with a new key to add chapter markers.
  • Includes a new version of the Ecamm Live Loupedeck plugin with support for choosing a Profile, and fixes for a connection issue.
  • Fixes an issue where Live Demo Mode could be low resolution.
  • Fixes an issue where a widget overlay could stop after switching between Profiles.

Note that you can keep both the Ecamm Live beta version and normal version in your Applications folder without causing any issues.

Need to submit a problem report or ask a question? Click the orange chat button in the bottom corner of the site, or pick Contact Support from the app's Help menu. Be sure to include as much detail as possible, and be sure to mention that you're using the beta version of the app.