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PhoneView FAQ

Frequently asked questions about PhoneView for Mac.

How can I download an upgrade or recover my registration instructions?

Choose "Check for Updates" from the PhoneView menu to check for and download any new version.

Alternatively, the latest version can always be downloaded using the link provided when you purchased. Registrations are managed by email address. If you know the email address you used when purchasing, use the recover registration information page.

Is there a Windows version of PhoneView?

Sorry, but PhoneView is Mac-only.

Does PhoneView work with iPad and iPod touch?

Yes. Be sure you're using the latest version of PhoneView.

Can I access my synced iTunes music and iPhone camera photos with PhoneView?

Yes, PhoneView can access this data in read-only fashion. This data must be managed via iTunes.

Once I copy files to the iPhone using PhoneView's "Disk" mode, can I view/access the files through the phone?

There's no way to access these files on the iPhone. We recommend using an App Store app such as Air Sharing and then using PhoneView's "Apps" mode to add files.

Does PhoneView require jailbreak? Does it modify the phone software?


Is PhoneView available in Apple's Mac App Store?

No. It is available exclusively from Ecamm's online store.

Can PhoneView be used to put saved Messages back onto a device?

No. PhoneView can access and save Messages, but it cannot restore them back to a device.

Does PhoneView change system files or do anything that would void the iPhone's warranty?

No, PhoneView will store your files in the media section of the iPhone's disk, and will not change the iPhone system.

Can I use this with Macs other than the Mac I used to sync with iTunes?

Yes, PhoneView will recognize your iPhone on any Mac that has PhoneView installed and meets the system requirements.

Can I install PhoneView on multiple Macs or do I need multiple licenses?

You can install PhoneView on all of your Macs without the need to purchase additional licenses.

Does PhoneView work with iOS 12? What about macOS Mojave (10.14)?

Yes, the latest version, PhoneView v2.13.9 is compatible with iOS 12 and mac OS Mojave (10.14).

Please also note that Mac OS X 10.8 or newer is required to connect to iOS 11 devices.

Tell me more about the PhoneView Demo

PhoneView comes in two versions: Demo (Trial) and Full.

The PhoneView demo works for 7 days and only allows limited access to phone data.

The free downloads linked on our webpage and the downloads linked from other websites (eg. MacUpdate) are demos.

After purchase, users need to download full version of their purchased software. Instructions for doing this are automatically sent via email. After downloading the full version of PhoneView, the demo can be put in the Trash.

Will PhoneView delete or duplicate my archived data?

No, PhoneView will not delete or duplicate data saved in your PhoneView archives. Archived data will remain in your archives even if you delete it from your iPhone or iPad.

I didn't get to use the demo during the 7 day period, can I extend the demo?

The 7-day demo cannot be extended. However, we do have a 30-day money back guarantee. Please contact support for a refund within 30-days of purchase if you are not satisfied.

PhoneView Support Documents

Support documents about PhoneView for Mac.