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CardRaider FAQ

Frequently asked questions about CardRaider photo recovery software.

What are the limitations of the free demo?

The demo will recover preview-sized copies of your photos, with a CardRaider logo in the corner. The full version is required to recover the original-sized photos. Also, the CardRaider demo cannot permanently erase photos.

Do I need a memory card reader?

Some cameras allow memory card access when connected to your Mac via the USB cable supplied with the camera. With other camera models, such as Canon digital cameras, this is not possible, and a memory card reader is required to use CardRaider.

If you don't know for sure, download the CardRaider demo and check to see if your camera is recognized.

If you need to get a card reader, check out our card reader suggestions.

What kind of memory cards are supported?

CardRaider will work with all popular memory card types including CompactFlash (CF), XD Picture Card, SmartMedia, Secure Digital (SD), Mini Secure Digital (Mini SD), MultiMediaCard (MMC), IBM Microdrive, Memory Stick (MS), Memory Stick Duo and Memory Stick Pro (MS-PRO). See our list of recommended readers.

Can you add support for my camera's raw format?

If your required format is not listed, Please contact us and request that your camera's raw format be supported.

Can CardRaider scan my hard disk too?

No. CardRaider is only designed to scan cameras and memory cards.

Will CardRaider recover movie files from my camera?

Yes, CardRaider will recover movie files too.

Is there a Windows version available?

No. CardRaider is designed exclusively for the Mac.

The demo doesn't recover original versions of my raw format photos. Will the full version do this?

Yes, the full version will recover the originals.

What image formats will CardRaider find?

CardRaider will find JPEG (JPG), Canon Raw, Canon Raw 2, Canon Raw TIFF, Nikon Raw, Konica Minolta Raw, Fuji Raw, Olympus Raw, Pentax Raw, Sony Alpha Raw 1 and 2, Sony Raw 2, Panasonic Raw, Kodak Raw, Leaf Raw, Sigma Raw, Digital Negative (Adobe Raw), Hasselblad H3D, Epson Raw, Leica Raw, and Mamiya Raw. See CardRaider's instruction manual and the RAW formats guide for details.

Does CardRaider work with the latest version of macOS?

Yes. Be sure that you've updated to the latest version of CardRaider, which is v2.0.11.

CardRaider Support Documents

Support documents about CardRaider photo recovery software.