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Call Recorder for FaceTime FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Call Recorder for FaceTime.

Can Call Recorder be used to just record a solo video without placing a FaceTime call?

No, Call Recorder requires an active FaceTime call to record a movie. To record yourself, we recommend using Quicktime Player. Choose "New Movie Recording" from the File menu.

What format are the files generated by Call Recorder? What can I do with them?

Call Recorder creates a QuickTime movie file containing an audio track and, in the case of a video call, a video track. These files can be played in QuickTime Player or converted to other formats using the including Movie Tools.

Do you offer volume discounts for Call Recorder for FaceTime?

Yes, please refer to the volume-pricing schedule. Discounts will be reflected in your shopping cart automatically.

Can the "demo" watermark be removed from calls made with the Call Recorder demo version?

No, the watermark cannot be removed from the video portion of calls made with the demo version.

Does Call Recorder for FaceTime work with macOS Mojave (10.14)?

Call Recorder for FaceTime works with with macOS Sierra and High Sierra. Call Recorder for FaceTime is not currently compatible with macOS 10.14 (Mojave).

I got a new computer. How do I transfer my license?

It's easy to transfer Call Recorder onto another computer you own. Simply use the Call Recorder full version installer to install it on the new computer. If you don't have your installer anymore, you can get it from the Customer Center.

If you don't have your Customer Center link, use the self-service page to get your link automatically.

You can also use the installer to uninstall Call Recorder from the old computer.

Tell me more about the Call Recorder Demo version.

Call Recorder for FaceTime comes in two versions: Demo (Trial) and Full.

The Call Recorder demo works for 7 days and puts a demo message across the recorded video. The demo message is permanent and cannot be removed from recorded movies, even after purchase.

The free downloads linked on our webpage and the downloads linked from other websites (eg. MacUpdate) are demos.

After purchase, users need to download and install the full version of their purchased software. Instructions for doing this are automatically sent via email. Installing the full version will replace the demo. Uninstalling the demo is not necessary.

Do you have something like this but for iPhones?

No, we only offer a Call Recorder for the Mac version of FaceTime. Unfortunately, it is not technically feasible to create an iPhone-based FaceTime recorder while complying with Apple's App Store guidelines.

How can I view the video tracks from a "multi-track" video recording?

Quicktime Player will only play one video track of a multi-track recording. To view all video tracks, play back using Ecamm Movie Tools. If you do not have the Ecamm Movie Tools application, ensure that you have the latest version of Call Recorder. If you need to re-download Ecamm Movie Tools, download here:

Download Ecamm Movie Tools

If you are unable to use Ecamm Movie Tools, you can play back multi-track movies using Quicktime Player 7 instead. Download it from Apple here:

Call Recorder for FaceTime Support Documents

Support documents about Call Recorder for FaceTime.