Call Recorder for Skype Support

Call Recorder Modification History

7/20/18 - v2.8.6: Adds compatibility with Skype 8.26.

5/15/18 - v2.8.5: Includes fixes for compatibility with Skype 8.21.

5/11/18 - v2.8.4: Includes fixes for compatibility with Skype 8.21.

3/24/18 - v2.8.3: Fixes an issue that could prevent the local video stream from being recorded. Adds support for recording Skype audio with Call Recorder while streaming with Ecamm Live. Includes an updated version of Ecamm Movie Tools. Other minor fixes.

3/16/18 - v2.8.2: Fixes an issue where Call Recorder's volume control didn't show up on older macOS versions.

2/23/18 - v2.8.1: Fixes a crash issue with Skype v8.16.

2/12/18 - v2.8: Adds a volume control for remote audio in the Call Recorder control window. (Skype 8 only.) Fixes an issue where screen sharing may not be recorded in calls with no remote camera video. Improvements to support for Ecamm Live streaming.

1/24/18 - v2.7.6: Fixes an issue that could cause Skype to crash.

1/23/18 - v2.7.5: Adds support for recording local screen sharing in Skype 8 on macOS 10.11. Fixes an issue where Skype 8 local screen sharing was not recorded when using "Local Only" video recording mode. Fixes an issue that could cause Skype to crash.

12/18/17 - v2.7.4: Fixes a compatibility issue with older macOS versions introduced in v2.7.3.

12/18/17 - v2.7.3: Adds support for recording Skype 8 screen sharing. Adds support for live streaming via the Ecamm Live app. Other minor fixes.

11/21/17 - v2.7.2: Fixes an issue where Picture-in-Picture recording mode may not work properly in Skype 8. Fixes an issue changing microphones during a recording in Skype 8. Fixes an issue where the Call Recorder control window may not show up when Skype 8 opens. Other minor fixes.

11/5/2017 - v2.7.1: Fixes an issue where Call Recorder may not show up in Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks).

11/1/2017 - v2.7: Adds support for Skype 8.

10/11/2017 - v2.6.4: Minor fixes and enhancements, including a fix for an issue with the demo version in macOS High Sierra (10.13).

8/28/2017 - v2.6.3: Adds compatibility with macOS High Sierra (10.13).

6/14/2017 - v2.6.2: Adds compatibility with Skype 7.55. Includes Ecamm Movie Tools v1.0.2.

6/29/2016 - v2.6.1: Fixes an issue where OS X 10.8 users running Time Machine backup would occasionally have recordings interrupted by an error message Adds "Don’t show this message again" checkboxes to some warnings. Includes Ecamm Movie Tools v1.0.1

5/9/2016 - v2.6: Manage, play, export and share your recorded calls with the new Ecamm Movie Tools app. Minor fixes and enhancements.

3/24/16 - v2.5.22: Minor fixes and enhancements.

2/9/16 - v2.5.21: Enhanced support for future versions of Skype. Fixes an issue with Call Recorder's chapter marker feature.

12/29/15 - v2.5.20: Fixes an issue that could result in an error message when recording AAC audio while using a multi-channel audio device. Fixes an issue that could cause Call Recorder audio to play back with a sped-up effect. Other minor fixes and enhancements.

8/27/15 - v2.5.19: Compatibility with newer Skype versions.

7/22/15 - v2.5.18: Fixes an issue introduced in v2.5.17 that could cause a crash with older Skype versions.

7/21/15 - v2.5.17: Adds compatibility with Skype 7.10.

6/3/15 - v2.5.16: Fixes for compatibility with Skype 7.8.

5/28/15 - v2.5.15: Compatibility with Skype 7.8.

3/23/15 - v2.5.14: Minor fixes and enhancements.

2/26/15 - v2.5.13: Fixes an issue where video may not be captured when used with Skype v7.5. Fixes an issue where the settings button may not work. Fixes an audio issue with long calls when using the uncompressed encoding option. Other minor fixes and enhancements.

10/29/14 - v2.5.12: Fixes for Skype 7.1 compatibility.

10/17/14 - v2.5.11: Fixes for Skype 7 compatibility.

9/2/14 - v2.5.10: Support for future versions of Skype. Removes Video Encoding and Audio Quality settings from the preferences and adds a Video Quality setting. Call Recorder now requires OS X 10.8 or newer. For older OS X versions, use Call Recorder v2.5.9.

6/20/14 - v2.5.9: Support for Mac OS X 10.10 Developer Preview. Fixes an issue with recording when using the Same As System audio device option. Improved quality of video recording. Other fixes and enhancements.

3/7/14 - v2.5.8: Fix for recording incoming voicemails in Skype 6.14.

1/28/14 - v2.5.7: Important fixes for compatibility with new versions of Skype. Fixes an issue where recordings could sometimes fail with an error message. Other minor fixes.

12/14/13 - v2.5.6: Fixes a problem with recording from different audio devices.

12/11/13 - v2.5.5: Fixes for compatibility with future updates of Skype. Other fixes and improvements.

11/11/13 - v2.5.4: Fixes a bug where some users would get an error message while recording. Fixes a bug with recordings greater than 4GB. Other fixes and improvements.

10/24/13 - v2.5.3: Fixes a sync issue. Fixes an issue with split conversations having the wrong audio. Fixes and issue with Convert to AIFF movie tool.

10/17/13 - v2.5.2: Fixes a bug where Call Recorder did not show up on some computers.

10/16/13 - v2.5.1: Fixes a bug with uncompressed audio. Fixes a bug where OS X 10.7 users could experience a crash when opening a recording. Other fixes.

10/15/13 - v2.5: Adds a recording timer to the controls window. Fixes a bug with adding chapter markers. Stability improvements. Many other bug fixes and enhancements.

7/3/13 - v2.4.1: Fixes an issue where higher frame sizes may not be offered to some MacBook Air users. Fixes a compatibility issue with using certain audio plugins with Skype 6.5.

6/3/13 - v2.4: Adds widescreen and 720p video recording. Fixes some compatibility issues with Skype 6.4.

4/10/13 - v2.3.28: Fixes a conflict with other add-ons including Hear from Prosoft.

3/14/13 - v2.3.27: Adds compatibility with Skype 6.3. Other fixes and enhancements.

2/13/13 - v2.3.26: Fixes an incompatibility with Skype 6.2.

10/18/12 - v2.3.25: Fixes an issue that could result in an invalid movie file in certain recording modes if the file size exceeded 4GB. Other minor fixes and enhancements.

8/20/12 - v2.3.24: Fixes an issue where video from mobile devices could be recorded sideways or upside down. Fixes a crash issue when using an external Firewire-based iSight camera. Fixes an issue where calls intitiated using Dialectic may not be recorded. Other minor fixes and enhancements.

6/28/12 - v2.3.23: Updated graphics for the new MacBook Pro Retina display. Includes a fix for an issue that could cause a warning message to be displayed during calls.

6/22/12 - v2.3.22: Fixes for Skype v5.8 support. Other minor fixes.

5/15/12 - v2.3.21: Fixes a problem where some users saw a "Disk Full" error. New icon.

4/19/12 - v2.3.20: Fixes an issue that could cause an error message during recording. Other minor fixes.

2/7/12 - v2.3.19: Adds compatibility with Skype v5.5.

11/28/11 - v2.3.18: Fixes an issue where video may not be recorded when using full screen mode. Includes a workaround for an OS X Lion bug that could cause recording to be interrupted when Time Machine local backup starts. Adds compatibility with the latest Skype 5.4 Public Beta.

10/24/11 - v2.3.17: Adds compatibility with Skype 5.4 Beta. Other fixes and enhancements.

7/9/11 - v2.3.16: Fixes an issue with the settings window in OS X Lion. Movie Tools updated to fix an issue with Mac OS X 10.4.11 support.

3/30/11 - v2.3.15: Fixes an issue with recording screen sharing. Fixes a compatibility issue where certain third party audio add-ons could prevent Call Recorder from working. Movie Tools updated to fix an issue with Mac OS X 10.6.7 support.

2/16/11 - v2.3.14: Fixes an issue with recording video with Skype 5.

1/27/11 - v2.3.13: Important compatibility fixes for Skype 5 final release.

11/21/10 - v2.3.12: Compatibility fixes for Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5 users.

Fixes for using external audio devices when recording using the Skype 5 beta.

11/19/10 - v2.3.11: Adds compatibility with the Skype 5 Public Beta.

5/25/10 - v2.3.10: Minor fixes and enhancements.

3/30/10 - v2.3.9: Fixes an issue with audio/video sync.

9/23/09 - v2.3.8: Fixes an issue when using a Bluetooth headset. Fixes a recording error observed in Mac OS X 10.4.

8/21/09 - v2.3.7: Fixes an issue that resulted in an error message when Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) users pressed record when using AAC compression and notebook internal microphone and speakers.

8/7/09 - v2.3.6: Fixes a v2.3.5 issue that could cause older versions of Skype to hang on launch. Fixes an issue that prevented auto-updating from working properly.

8/3/09 - v2.3.5: Fixes an issue that could cause an error message when using a Bluetooth headset and AAC audio compression. Recordings created while using the built-in speakers and microphone on a portable Mac will no longer contain a stereo track with a muted left channel. Fixes an issue where full screen video chat would not be recorded properly. Fixes an issue with recorded audio/video sync. Call Recorder will now automatically check for updates.

11/28/08 - v2.3.4: Fixes an issue where remote-only video recording could malfunction when the Video preferences window is open. Fixes a problem with recording when a multi-channel audio device is used.

8/5/08 - v2.3.3: Fixes an issue with recording a DV camera source. Fixes an issue that could prevent a call from being saved properly if Skype is quit during a call. Includes updated Movies Tools which include a fix for an issue with converting annotated movies.

5/6/08 - v.2.3.2: Fixes a problem where quitting Skype mid-recording could result in unplayable movie files.

4/24/08 - v2.3.1: Provides compatibility with certain versions of Skype for Mac v2.7. Includes updated Movie Tools, including two new tools: Split Sides of Conversation and Convert For Internet. Other minor fixes and enhancements.

2/13/08 - v2.3: Adds compatibilty with Skype for Mac v2.7. Adds new two-track video recording option. Enhanced recorded video quality. Includes updated Convert To MP3 and Convert To AAC utilities. Fixes an issue that could cause a recording error after an audio device is disconnected.

1/9/08 - v2.2.2: Fixes an issue that could cause missing sound when certain audio devices are used with Power PC Macs. Fixes an issue Fixes an issue that would prevent settings from being saved in Mac OS X 10.3.9.

11/6/07 - v2.2.1: Fixes an installation issue observed by some Mac OS X v10.5 (Leopard) users.

10/8/07 - v2.2: Adds side-by-side video recording mode. Adds option for 640x480 video recording on faster Macs. Fixes an issue where a call may not be recorded properly when leaving a voicemail message. Adds compatiblity with Leopard. Other minor fixes and enhancements.

7/2/07 - v2.1: Adds an option to automatically discard short recordings. Adds an option to keep the Call Recorder window in the foreground during Skype calls. Call Recorder will now properly respect Skype's mute button. Fixes a recording problem which could cause distorted sound when using certain input and output devices on a Power PC Mac. Fixes a warning message that could be displayed while recording voicemail messages with Skype v2.6 or later. Fixes a problem which caused the Call Recorder windows position to be forgotten after quitting Skype. Fixes an issue with default encoding settings on newer Macs. Fixes an issue which could cause Skype to hang after a conference call.

3/26/07 - v2.0: Adds support for recording video calls. Adds ability to make annotations by settings markers during a call. Adds audio level meters to the recorder window. Other important fixes and enhancements. Adds Marker Editor in Movie Tools folder.

12/19/06 - v1.0.7: Fixes a problem where Call Recorder would display an error instead of recording when used with the latest Skype for Mac Beta (v2.5.0.60 or higher) and an external headset or Skype phone. Fixes a problem when a contact name started with a period character.

11/16/06 - v1.0.6: Changes appearance of recording window to match Skype. Adds compatibility for Skype 2.5 Beta. Fixes an issue that prevented the recording of calls with a colon in the contact name. Corrects a problem in Skype 2.0 where outgoing voicemails were sometimes not recorded.

10/3/06 - v1.0.5: Fixes an issue which could result in recording file sizes being larger than necessary.

8/15/06 - v1.0.4: Adds Uncompressed and 2:1 Compression encoding options. Adds checkbox for voicemail message recording feature. Includes the following additional conversion utilities: Convert To AAC, Convert To AIFF and Split Movie Tracks. Adds French and Spanish localization. (Skype 1.5 only.) The recording window will now automatically hide after a call if it was automatically shown at the beginning of the call. Fixes a problem that could result in intermittent missing audio when certain USB devices were connected. Fixes an incompatibility with multi-channel audio devices such as the M-Audio FireWire Solo. Other fixes and enhancements.

7/7/06 - v1.0.3: Adds the ability to record when calls are redirected to voicemail. Adds the ability to record while playing back voicemail messages. Reduces the delay before a call begins to auto-record. Fixes a problem which could cause a recording to be missing one or both sides of the conversation. Fixes a problem where some SkypeOut calls could not be recorded. Fixes a problem where the Finder did not correctly report the file size of recorded movies. A warning message will now be displayed if a recording problem is detected. Call Recorder is no longer compatible with Audio Detour. Call Recorder v1.0.3 resets the trial period allowing users who tried an earlier version to have another 7 day demo.

6/22/06 - v1.0.2: Fixes a problem where the recording could go out of sync in some situations. Fixes a problem where Call Recorder didn't work when haxies like Audio Detour and Instant Hijack Server were installed. Fixes a problem that could occur with some USB audio devices. Includes Convert to MP3 2.0.5 which fixes a problem that occurred on some configurations.

5/22/06 - v1.0.1: Fixes an issue that prevented Echo Test from being recorded. Fixes an issue with "Low Quality" mode that caused some movies not to be saved properly. The installer and Convert To MP3 utility are now Universal Binaries. Fixes MP3 track naming in Convert To MP3 utility.

5/16/06 - v1.0: First release.