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General FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the company, website, shopping cart, and customer support.

How will I receive the product?

After purchasing from our website, customers are given access to the Customer Center download area. Purchased software is available via download only. Status of hardware orders can be tracked from the Customer Center.

If I previously purchased a product, do I have to pay again to get the latest version?

Upgrades for our software products are always free for registered users. You'll receive notifications of new versions via a built-in auto-update mechanism within the software. If you need immediate access to the latest version, and you do not have your download information handy, use the recover registration information page.

My email address has changed. What should I do?

No problem. Send us an email address change request. Remember to include your old and new email address. If you're not sure about your old email address, then be sure to include your full name so we can look up your order.

I purchased a product, but it still says I'm running a demo, or that my trial has run out. What do I need to do?

After purchasing software from our website, you'll receive an email with instructions for downloading the full, non-demo product. Be sure to download and run that installer to replace the demo.

How can I download the full version, get an upgrade or recover my registration instructions?

Registrations are managed by email address. If you know the email address you used when purchasing, use the recover registration information page to get to the Customer Center and download your software. An email containing download instructions will be sent to you.

What payment options are available?

Order using a major credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay or by faxing a purchase order. Bank transfers will be accepted for large orders.

I'm having trouble with the demo version. Will the full version work better?

Unless otherwise specified, our demo versions are identical in functionality to the full versions.

I want to remove one of your Mac programs from my computer. How do I do this?

For applications, drag the program to the trash. For plugin-style products, run the installer and click "Uninstall". If you don't have the installer any more, you can download it from the product download page.

What is your return/refund policy for software?

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not satisfied for any reason, contact us within 30 days of your purchase to let us know. We'll issue a full refund to the credit card or PayPal account used for the purchase. Please note that purchases via Apple's App Store are subject to Apple's return policy and not ours. Please contact Apple directly for any refund inquiries related to App Store purchases.

I'm having a problem that's not covered in the product's FAQ or webpage. What should I do?

Use the contact form to reach our support team. Your request will be answered by email as soon as possible, often very quickly. Make sure to include as much detail as possible about the problem and include any error messages you might have received. If you did not purchase directly from the Ecamm website, then be sure to include information about the purchase.

How do Ecamm software licenses work?

Licenses are registered to a single user and cannot be shared with other users. Only one purchase is required for each user and can be installed on all Macs.

If a friend, family member or colleague wants to use the license, they need to purchase their own license from our website.

Do you have an affiliate/referral program?

We use for our affiliate program. We pay 50% commission on Ecamm Live and 15% on all other software sales. Use this link to sign up for Shareasale. Once you have signed up, we'll review your information and approve your account. Note that we do not accept accounts for generic coupon and deal websites.

Where's Printopia support?

Printopia has a new home with our friends at Decisive Tactics. Go here for all Printopia support and inquiries.

Do you charge additional fees for updates or subscription costs?

No, all of our software products are a one-time fee with free updates. We do not charge for updates or any subscription fees.

I don't remember my password. How can I reset it?

We don’t require passwords to install our software. However, you will be prompted to enter your Mac’s admin password when installing our software to your Mac.

How many Macs can I install my software on?

All software licenses are registered to a single user. License owners can install their license(s) on all of their Macs, for their own use.

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