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iCubie USB Webcam FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the iCubie USB Webcam.

What do I get when I purchase the iCubie USB Webcam?

You will receive the iCubie USB Webcam, 3 foot USB cable and metal mounting bracket.

Does the iCubie include a built-in microphone?

There is no microphone included with the iCubie USB Webcam. For Macs with no internal microphone, such as the Mac Mini, a USB microphone is recommended.

Why doesn't the iCubie webcam require a device driver to be installed prior to use?

Just like a USB mouse, keyboard or thumb drive, iCubie will be recognized by your Mac or Windows PC without installing any driver software. The drive is already built into Mac OS X 10.4.3 or newer and Windows XP SP2 or newer.

Can I video chat with Windows AIM users?

Yes. The Mac's Messages application (previously called iChat) will allow you to video chat with Windows AIM users. For best results, ensure that the latest version of Windows AIM is being used.

What Mac applications can be used with the iCubie USB Webcam?

Any QuickTime compatible video program should be compatible with iCubie webcam.

Do I need to install any special software to use iCubie?

No driver installation is necessary. Users with older Macs can install the included iCubie Plugin software. The iCubie Plugin provides enhanced compatibility with older versions of Apple iChat and iMovie as well as enhanced integration for Macs with a built-in iSight.

Detail for Android support is here.

How will the webcam be delivered to me?

Your webcam will be shipped from California using the shipping method chosen on our shopping cart page. Bundled software will be made available via electronic download immediately after purchasing. No software CD is shipped with the iCubie USB Webcam.

iCubie USB Webcam Support Documents

Support documents about the iCubie USB Webcam.