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PadSync for Mac
Turbocharge iTunes File Sharing

Dramatically easy browsing and sync of shared files on iPhone and iPad.
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Introducing A New Way To Manage Your Files:
File Sharing Done Right
Great apps like Pages, Numbers, Keynote, GoodReader and Air Sharing let you share files with your Mac via iTunes File Sharing. PadSync coordinates and streamlines this experience by automatically transferring files and folders as needed.

Mirror, Mirror on Your Mac
With PadSync, files are always up-to-date and accessible on both devices. Any changes you make are automatically updated the next time you connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac. You'll never need to manually manage files.

Ecamm Easy
Ecamm puts ease of use first. That's why PadSync's interface is clean and simple, with large, beautiful thumbnails so you can find your files quickly. Drag files in and out, or even from one app to another. You'll never again need to mess with iTunes to manage your shared files.

PadSync Works The Way You Work:
No Set-up Required
Connect your iPhone or iPad via USB, open PadSync and watch it go to work mirroring your documents.

View and Edit Your Files
See big, beautiful thumbnails, press spacebar for Quick Look previews, or double-click to open media files or edit documents. Drag in new files to add them to the iPhone or iPad.

Automatic Change Detection
There is no step 3. PadSync makes sure saved changes are reflected on your device immediately.

The Versatility and Reliability You've Come to Expect From Ecamm:
Works With Any iPhone or iPad
PadSync will work with any device, even if it's not synced to your Mac. So go ahead and plug it in!

No Need to Modify Your Device
Since PadSync runs exclusively on your Mac, there's no need to alter your your device's operating system in any way. Enjoy all of these great features without the risk and hassle associated with jailbreak.

Try Before You Buy
Not sure if PadSync does what you need? Download the free demo version and try it out for 7 days. Purchase only if you like what you see. Have questions? Send us a message, and we'll write back as fast as we can.

Whether it's for work or play, PadSync is the easy way to share files between your Mac and iPhone or iPad.

System Requirements:
iPhone or iPad Running iOS 4
Mac OS X 10.6 or newer
iTunes 9.1 or newer
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Instant Order Fulfillment
Free Upgrades for Life

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