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iMage USB Webcam
Just Plug It In To Add Video

The tiny iMage webcam delivers high-quality 640x480 video to your favorite apps, including iChat, iMovie, Photo Booth, Skype and many others.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I buy an iMage Webcam?

A: This product has been discontinued. We are now selling the equivalent iCubie USB Webcam.

Q: How is iMage pronounced?

A: We pronounce it just like "image".

Q: What are the system requirements for iMage webcam?

A: Please visit our system requirements page.

Q: Does it work with Snow Leopard?

A: Yes, it works fine with Snow Leopard.

Q: Do I need to install any special software to use iMage?

A: Although no driver installation is necessary, Mac users should install the included iMage Plugin software. The iMage Plugin provides compatibility with Apple's iChat as well as enhanced integration for Macs with a built-in iSight.

Q: What does iMage Plugin do?

A: iMage Plugin is a Mac plugin which enables the iMage Webcam to be recognized by iChat. It also enhances integration for Macs with a built-in iSight. iMage Plugin is included with the iMage USB Webcam.

Q: What Mac applications can be used with the iMage USB Webcam?

A: Any QuickTime compatible video program should be compatible with iMage webcam. We've compiled a list of our favorite applications.

Q: Can I video chat with MSN users?

A: Microsoft's MSN client for Mac does not support video. However, there are two 3rd-party programs which will allow you to video conference with MSN users. They are called aMSN and Mercury Messenger.

Q: Can I video chat with Windows AIM users?

A: Yes. iChat will allow you to video chat with Windows AIM users. For best results, ensure that the latest version of Windows AIM is being used.

Q: How do I know if my Mac has Hi-Speed USB 2.0?

A: Please see our system requirements page for a list of Macs that have High-Speed USB 2.0. In general, Macs that were introduced after June 2003 are equipped with Hi-Speed USB 2.0. To check your system, choose "About This Mac" from the Apple menu, and click on "More Info". Choose "USB" from the "Hardware" section of System Profiler. If your Mac has USB 2.0, you should see an entry for "USB High-Speed Bus" in the "USB Device Tree" list.

Q: Why doesn't the iMage webcam require a device driver to be installed prior to use?

A: Just like a USB mouse, keyboard or thumb drive, iMage will be recognized by your Mac or Windows PC without installing any driver software. This is because support is already built into Mac OS X 10.4.3 or higher and Windows XP SP2 or higher, including Windows Vista. Note that you will still need to install the included iMage Plugin software to allow iChat to recognize the camera.

Q: Why does iChat report "Your camera is in use by another application"?

A: If you are seeing this message, please ensure that you have installed iMage Plugin. More information about iMage Plugin is available on our support page. Also, make sure that you are not running any other program which may be using the camera. If your camera is connected via a keyboard or USB hub, try connecting it directly to the computer instead.

Q: Does the iMage include a built-in microphone?

A: There is no microphone included with the iMage USB Webcam. For Macs with no internal microphone, such as the Mac Mini, a USB microphone is recommended for optimal sound quality.

Q: What is the return policy for the iMage USB webcam?

A: Please click here to view our return policy.

If your question is not addressed here, contact our support team.

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