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Supercharge Your Mail Dock Icon

Add up to 5 badges to the Mail dock icon. Perfect for users with more than one email account.
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Tips and Tricks

Compatibility Note: DockStar is no longer supported in OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) or newer.

Tips and Tricks for

Click a Badge in the Menu Bar

Click on a badge in the menu bar to instantly open the corresponding mailbox.

Combine DockStar and Smart Mailboxes

Mail lets you create Smart Mailboxes which automatically show messages matching your desired criteria. For example, let's create a Smart Mailbox which shows all of your flagged mail, and configure DockStar to show the total number of messages in that mailbox.
  1. Choose "New Smart Mailbox" from the Mailbox menu on the menu bar.
  2. Enter a name for the mailbox. Let's call it "All Flagged Messages".
  3. Select "Message is flagged" from the first criterion menu.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Open the Preferences and switch to the DockStar section.
  6. Select a badge to modify.
  7. Select the "All Flagged Messages" mailbox.
  8. For Display, select "Total Messages".
  9. Pick your favorite shape, color, and other options.
You can assign a DockStar badge to any Smart Mailbox you create. Smart Mailboxes can be used to filter mail based on the Subject, To, From, and even text appearing in the message body. Also very useful is the ability to narrow the search to one or more mailboxes. By creating a Smart Mailbox showing the messages from two or more different mailboxes, you can use easily set one DockStar badge to monitor more than one mailbox.

Use Rules to Sort Incoming Email into Separate Boxes

Using Mail's built-in Rules engine, messages can automatically be routed into mailboxes based on the sender or subject. In this example, let's have all email from Dad get sorted into a mailbox called "From Dad":

  1. Create a new mailbox by selecting "New..." from the Mailbox menu. Enter the name for the mailbox, and press "OK".
  2. Select "Preferences..." from the Mail menu.
  3. Select the "Rules" tab.
  4. Click "Add Rule".
  5. Select criteria for sorting your mail. For example, to sort all email from Dad into a mailbox called "From Dad", we'll make a condition to see if "From" contains his email address.
  6. Under "perform the following actions", select "Move message", and select the "From Dad" mailbox.
  7. Switch to DockStar preferences tab, and select a badge for the From Dad mailbox.

Use DockStar to Keep Track of Pending Replies

Use DockStar to setup a special badge for your Drafts mailbox. When important mail arrives and you want to remember to reply, just press Apple-R, Apple-S, Apple-W (Reply, Save and Close). Mail will save a Draft reply in your Drafts folder.

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