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v2.1.3 for Mac OS X

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Conference Recorder 2

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Important: This product is no longer actively supported and does not function in Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard).

Modification History:

1/9/08 - v2.1.3: Fixes an issue where local video could be recorded instead of the conference video on OS X 10.5. Fixes a problem with Hide Picture-In-Picture option on OS X 10.5. Fixes some UI problems when accepting conference invitations on OS X 10.5.

11/6/07 - v2.1.2: Fixes an installation issue observed by some Mac OS X v10.5 (Leopard) users.

10/25/07 - v2.1.1: Minor changes for compatibility with Mac OS X v10.5 (Leopard).

9/20/07 - v2.1: Adds the ability to annotate recordings by adding section markers to the recorded movie. Includes Marker Editor tool. Solo recordings will now be created with the correct movie aspect ratio. Fixes an issue with recording some multi-channel audio devices. Adds compatibility with Mac OS X 10.5. Other fixes and enhancements.

8/29/06 - v2.0.2: Enhances quality of recorded video. Adds Extra Large option for recorded image size. Changes Pause button to Stop button as in previous versions. Fixes a problem where pausing the recording could cause sound to go out of sync. Adds new Movie Conversion Tools. Adds error message when no disk space is available. Fixes a problem with recording when not in a conference and using non-FireWire cameras (when iChatUSBCam is installed). Fixes a problem where the last frame of video could look garbled during playback. Fixes a problem with changing audio devices while recording. Fixes a problem where some 10.4.7 users experience a loss of incoming audio when Conference Recorder is installed. Other bug fixes and enhancements. Conference Recorder v2.0.2 Demo resets the trial period, allowing users who tried a previous version demo to have a new trial.

3/24/06 - v2.0.1: Fixes a user interface problem which could cause the record button to be disabled in certain situations when it should be enabled. Fixes a problem which could cause the Conference Recorder settings to fail to show up in the Preferences toolbar. Fixes a problem with auto-record of individual buddies when screen names contained spaces. Other minor fixes.

2/13/06 - v2.0: New user interface for recording which can be attached to the current chat window. Conference Recorder settings are now in the iChat preferences window. Recordings can now be paused. Pausing a conference from the Video menu now pauses the recording. Files are now named using the same naming convention as saved text chats. Recording controller now shows a recording indicator. Adds "Show Saved Movies" menu option. Adds option to automatically record conferences to selected people. Adds option to hide the picture-in-picture during a conference. Adds basic AppleEvent support. Adds universal support for Macs with an Intel processor. Fixes a problem with the Convert to MP3 program. Other fixes and enhancements. Conference Recorder v2.0 Demo resets the demo period, allowing for users who tried earlier versions to have a new trial.

10/28/05 - v1.0.3: Fixes a problem that occurred when Unicode characters were present in a buddy's name. Fixes a problem where Conference Recorder only recorded one channel of a stereo audio input. Other minor fixes.

9/13/05 - v1.0.2: Adds the ability to record video directly from the preview window without having to be active in a conference. Adds an improvement which significantly reduces file sizes. Fixes a problem with "Space Saver" quality mode. Fixes an issue which caused audio problems when importing a saved movie file into iMovie. Fixes a problem which caused audio playback problems in QuickTime 7. Fixes a problem which caused recorded audio to be out of sync when the microphone was disabled and re-enabled. Fixes a problem which could cause a crash when a video window is closed. Fixes a problem when using DV camera audio in Tiger. Adds "Drop Convert to MP3" program. Version 1.0.2 resets the demo period allowing for users who tried earlier versions to have a new trial.

2/25/05 - v1.0.1: Fixes a problem which caused audio from the remote end not be recorded on systems with no built-in audio inputs. Fixes a UI flickering issue that occurred on some machines. Fixes a problem which could cause audio and video to be out of sync.

2/15/05 - v1.0: First release.

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