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v2.1.3 for Mac OS X

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Thank you so much for developing such easy-to-use and affordable software. I use Conference Recorder regularly to record video iChats with my daughter and with my son and grandson. I don't get to see my son and grandson often, so this really helps bridge the gap.

-Shawn Girsberger

Conference Recorder 2

record iChat audio and video

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Important: This product is no longer actively supported and does not function in Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard).

Finally, an easy way to record your iChat audio and video chats. Conference Recorder is an add-on for iChat which automatically transforms your conference sessions into QuickTime movies.

Conference Recorder is great for lessons, interviews, video podcasts or just having fun.

Now you'll be able to replay those treasured memories for years to come. Log videoconferences for future viewing. Tape both sides of an audio conference with perfect clarity.


     Manually start and stop, or record automatically.
     Control movie size and quality.
     Creates QuickTime movies.
     Creates movies of yourself from within iChat.
     State-of-the-art MP4 compression saves disk space.
     Annotate your recordings on the fly.
     Try before you buy. Download the demo.

Easier Than Programming Your VCR

Ecamm puts ease of use first. Use the Record and Stop buttons to control recording, or activate Conference Recorder's automatic recording feature.

Your Home Recording Studio

As an added bonus, Conference Recorder allows you to record QuickTime movies using video from your own camera. Just open iChat's camera preview window and you're ready to record a video podcast, practice a speech or just record a note to yourself.

Audio Too

Don't forget audio chats! iChat turns your computer into in an internet phone, and Conference Recorder is right there to save those calls.

Create a Podcast

Conference Recorder makes it easy convert your QuickTime movies into MP3 or AAC format. Simply drag a recorded QuickTime movie to the included "Convert to MP3" or "Convert to AAC" utilities, and let them do the work for you. Additionally, Conference Recorder records each side of the conversation on separate tracks, allowing for easy post-editing. The included "Split Movie Tracks" utility will automatically export each movie track to a separate file.

Annotate your Movie

Easily add notes and markers to your recording. Just click Conference Recorder's annotation icon, and enter your note. When playing back the movie in QuickTime Player, the chapter marker list will allow you to jump to those points in the recording. The included Marker Editor application lets you edit and export your annotations.

On The Record

iChat logs your text chat, but what about your audio and video? Conference Recorder will carefully save all A/V correspondences, ensuring accountability and fulfilling corporate audit-trail needs.

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Important Legal Information:
Be aware of laws and regulations pertaining to the legality of recording conversations. In some states and countries, all parties must be aware that a conversation is being recorded in order for it to be legal. Check your local laws before using Conference Recorder.

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Chats are saved as QuickTime movies for future viewing.

Conference Recorder is the most useful bit of shareware on my MacBook. We've found loads of unexpected uses for it, including creating resources for Music students and keeping a record of staff meetings; we even use it for online songwriting sessions! Its integration into iChat is completely seamless - both visually and in terms of useability. I'd recommend it to anyone interested in using videoconferencing in education.

-Joe Bennett
Head of Department of Music
Bath Spa University, UK

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